I Want to give YOU


Five Dollars, that is

One of the BEST ways to build your Network Marketing, MLM or Affiliate Marketibg Business is by the use of DropCards.
To show you what this is all about I want to give you a free $5 bill (template)
I want to show you a low cost way to drive traffic to your online business using an offline way...Dropcards!

Put away your credit card because I am going to show you what you can do to grow your business without charging you anything!  At the end of this training,I will show you how to take these $5 bills and easily promote your business...for (nearly) F.R.E.E!
Here is a video I recorded a few years ago explaining what you can do with dropcards along with sample dropcards.
I am going to show you how to make dropcards like this:
As I show you, I am going to GIVE you the template to make $5 bills all day long to pass out, along with the opportunity to purchase other denominations if you wish.  The $5 template is yours to use and keep without cost or obligation.  Use them for your Network Marketing, MLM or Affiliate Marketing Business.
Are you ready?
Let's Go.
Here are the simple steps you need to follow:
1.  Download the $5 DropCard Templete
2.  Make the graphic that goes into the DropCard
This video explains how.
There are several programs you can to make your graphic with:
I hear Canva is really great, though I have never used it.
I have used Stencil before - cost is $12 per month.
You can also use Youzign - This is the one I use for now.  They have a free version that allows you to make 3 free graphics.  I am sure there are others you can find with a web search...Keyword Graphic Design.
3.  Upload your $5 DropCard Template and your
graphic you just made with Youzign or one of the
other programs to: One of these programs:
Save the pdf to your desktop and print them out on your home computer or go to an office supply store and print some on your color printer.  Once you have your message correct and you are getting customers to your site or calling your phone, then you want to get several thousands done professionally.  
I suggest Print Founders  They can be a bit slow in getting your order out, but you will be extremly happy with the quality.  I recently had some postcards printed there.
OK, go out and make some money...
Al Pooser.....
P.S.  Now that you know what I do and how to do it yourself, I want to offer you a bribe.  In exchange for your name and email address I want to give you some more money templates...
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